Set in the far western seas, a circle of exalts finds themselves immersed in a maze of conspiracies, plots, and booty.

It is no question that the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun are the masters of all of Creation, but the sea does not forgive and it contains the secrets of many an age.

Far from the Blessed Isle and the shackles of The Immaculate Order but still within its gaze, what destiny will find the circle? What path will they choose? How many cannons can you fit on a sloop?

General Info

In-person game for 4-5 players, Secrets of the Western Seas takes its inspiration from Assassins Creed Black Sails, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other similar media.

Characters are beginning Solar Exalted and should have at least Sail •

The acquisition, management, and spending of money/riches is going to be a driving theme for the game, and will be tracked carefully. Characters should either have or have access to someone skilled in negotiation/bureaucracy.

Secrets of the Western Seas

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